Shell of the Cyber-Crawlers

Teamlead, Creative Director, Visual Scripting(Network), Particles

Shell of the Cyber-Crawlers is a 3rd person, 5v5 MOBA played with robot bugs.


The game is set in the distant future in which digital data has become a valuable resource and mega corporations fight constantly for control over the information infrastructure. The biggest part of this infrastructure is shielded by a massive forcefield called 'The Shell'. It is not accessible by humans so through the use of bug-like bots, the player enters this area. As a mercenary working for a mega corporation, the player will use a robotic bug to spread viruses that hack and steal data. 

With the game being run on a dedicated server and it's competative nature, one of the key things we always kept in mind was that the project had to be setup so we could easily add content in the future. The game won the "Best Programming or Technical Implementation" Award for 3rd year students at NHTV Breda.

My Role

Shell of the Cyber-Crawlers is a student project that I setup. In the summer of 2015 I started exploring the multiplayer functionality of Unreal Engine 4 blueprints. I decided to make a prototype of the game that I showed in the pitch at the start of the year. I got around 10 students to join me. 


My main role in this project was producer/team lead. Besides that I created a lot of blueprints and did a first art pass on the level. Below you will find some highlights that I've worked on.

Character Selection Screen

Scene Building, Lighting, UMG

In the video you can see the character selection screen that I made. Here players are able to choose a loadout for their next match. The robot bugs consist out of 3 parts. Head, body and legs. Each part represents an ability that the player can use during a match.

My contribution to this includes scene building, lighting and functionality.

Designer Level Art Pass

Scene Building, Lighting






In these pictures you can see some area's of the level that I created with provided art assets. The intention of this was to convey the look of the final level with some beautification of the whitebox.

InfoNode & Virus

Visual Scripting(Network), Animation, Particles, UMG

In this video you can see the mechanics of the InfoNode and the Virus that I made using blueprints.


Players can drop a Virus near an InfoNode if the node is not taken by the other team. The virus will then walk up to a 'port' where it will inject it's needle and starts mining data. Every second the InfoNode will send data to the team that owns it.  There are three types of viruses. Miner, Repair and Turret. Each of them have their own abilities.


Cascade, Dynamic Parameter(Color)

In the video you can see some of the particles that I created using Cascade in Unreal Engine 4. 



On June 23rd, 2016 I succesfully organized a play/stresstest with about 50 people to play the game at the same time to test out our matchmaking system, player disconnect/reconnect, stress on the network and general gameplay. The game was hosted on a Microsoft Azure VM so everyone could play from where ever they wanted.