Internship at Enversed

Internship, Developer, Visual Scripting, VR


About Enversed

Enversed is a company in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They focus on VR and AR. Enversed Entertainment is where people can come to play VR games and Enversed Studios is where they create the games. I worked at Enversed Studios.

The work method I learned at Enversed was a combination of scrum and kanban. I used JIRA and Slack for project management and planning. Additionally I worked with interface blueprints to an extent where casting was hardly done.

My Role

My role was developer. This is closely related to technical designer. The work I did involved gameplay implementation using blueprints and other systems in Unreal Engine 4, bug fixing and team communication. Additionally I attended retrospective and high level design meetings.

During my internship I've worked on 12 external client projects and 2 frameworks.  I got a lot of responsibility. Below you can see some examples of the work that I did. The PROTO games you find below were all created in 3-6 weeks for each game. PROTO is the name of the external client.


From the februari 2019 until november 2019(38 weeks) I did my graduation internship at Enversed. 

PROTO - Train Heist

AI, Audio, HUD, End Sequence

In this video you can see a full play-through of the Train Heist game.

Some of the things I worked on for this game was the AI of the enemy characters. One type of enemy will try to find a cover location and move over there. I worked with the EQS from Unreal Engine 4 to implement this. I also worked on the HUD, implemented the audio and worked on the end sequence(zeppelin that moves away when all enemies are defeated).

In this video you can see the AI character find a cover location when there a bullet almost hits him.

PROTO - Aircycle

Movement, Birds, Arduino, HUD

In this video you can see a full play-through of the Aircycle game. The game is played with a physical bike that is connected with the arduino. Players can use the pedals to you up and down and the steer to move left and right. The goal of the game is to deliver as much mail as possible without crashing. 

Some of the things I worked on in this game were the placement and logic of the birds. I also created the spectator HUD and worked on the movement of the bike.

PROTO - Light Factory

Lamp Construction System

In this video you can see a full play-through of the Light Factory game. This game is played with two players. They have to construct lamps following a recipe. The score they receive at the end of the game depends on how well they constructed the lamps.

For this game I worked on the lamp construction system.

PROTO - Car Inventor

Car Mechanics, HUD, Arduino

In this video you can see the Car Inventor game. The game is controlled by a physical chair that can move to the left and to the right. This is how players can steer in the game. A secondary player can use a handle to increase or decrease the speed of the car. The goal of the game is to get as fast as possible to the end while avoiding obstacles such as other cars, trams and wooden crates.

For this game I worked on the car mechanics. We used the vehicle movement component from Unreal Engine 4. Additionally I created the HUD and made it possible to get the information on where in the level the car was so we could show this in the progress bar.

PROTO - Submarine

Projectile Movement, Gameflow, Spawn Sequence

In this video you can see the Submarine game. This game is played with three players. Players sit in a submarine that moves to platforms. Enemies will spawn at the platform and players have to defend the submarine by shooting torpedo's at the enemies. Players can aim by moving their head. There are three types of enemies.

I worked on the movement of the submarine and the movement of the projectiles. I've also worked on the gameflow(starting and ending of the movement and combat phases) and the spawn sequence of the mine enemy.

PROTO - Steamracers

Vehicle Rotation, Ready-up System, Wrong-way Detection

In this video you can see a play-through of the Steamracers game. This game is played with up to four players. Players compete against eachother and will drive three laps.

I worked on the roll rotation of the vehicle. This had to be done because the vehicle has 4 wheels in a single line so when wanted to use Unreal Engine physics, the vehicle would fall over. I've also worked on the ready-up system and the wrong-way detection

PROTO - Intro Experience

Drawing System, Audio

In this video you can see a play-through of the Intro Experience game. This is a singleplayer experience and it is the first game that they will play once they enter the museum in Estonia. Players have to draw lines of an invention. Once finished the drawing gets turned into the model of the real invention. These inventions are all used in the other PROTO games.

I worked on the drawing system. I wrote design documentation for it and also implemented the system. Additionally I implemented audio.

PROTO - Balloon Escape

Birds and NPCs, Speedzones

In this video you can see a play-through of the Balloon Escape game. This is a singleplayer game which is played by standing in a physical basket. Players can lean to the left and to the right to steer in the game. The basket also has a button which allows players to use the burner which will cause the balloon to ascent.

There are some zones where the balloon has increased forward speed and I implemented those zones. Additionally I created the classes for birds and NPCs and placed them in the level.

Sioux Holodeck

Design, Radial Menu

This is a preview video for Sioux Holodeck. This is a virtual environment that is used to discuss machines. Users can load in a fbx file that is connected with a simulation of the machine. Users can then inspect parts of the machine, grab it, rotate it and scale it.

For this project I worked on the radial menu that people use to select the different tools. I've also worked on the inspection tool. This tool lets people select a part of the machine and then moves over a copy that they can grab, rotate and scale. Additionally I made the design for the 3d drawing tool.